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Tragic Road Accident Killed 5-Month-Old Girl In Pahang

A five-month-old baby girl died after a car carrying a family of five skidded and hit a road barrier at Jalan Jerantut-Temerloh, Temerloh in...

3 Dead, 4 Injured After Two Cars Collide Head-On In Pahang

At least 3 individuals were killed and 4 others were injured in a collision between 2 vehicles. The incident took place last night when...

Rohingya Man, Student Die After Bike Collision In Ulu Melaka

A student and a Rohingya labourer died while two others were seriously injured in an accident in Ulu Melaka on Friday night. The incident...

Senior Citizen Hit By Suspect’s Car Amid Police Shootout, Dies

A senior citizen was killed after being hit by a suspected drug peddler's car during a police shootout. The driver was on a run...