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South Korean Court Dismisses Temple’s Ownership Claim of Stolen Buddhist Statue, Paving the Way for Its Return to Japan : Report

A South Korean court has ruled against a temple's ownership claim of a stolen Buddhist statue, clearing the path for its return to Japan....

South Korean Boy Band “Great Guys” Mesmerizes with Dance Cover of SRK and Deepika Padukone’s “Jhoome Jo Pathaan” :

South Korean boy band "Great Guys" has taken the internet by storm with their captivating dance cover of the iconic Bollywood song "Jhoome Jo...

South Korea To Start Fourth Dose Of Covid-19

The fourth dose of Covid-19 will begin by end of February in South Korea, the government said on Monday. Health Minister said that high-risk...

Free Hair Loss Treatment If Elected, Says S. Korea Presidential Candidate

Lee Jae-myung, the South Korean presidential candidate, has pledged that his government will bear the cost of hair treatment of the people, if voted to power. The announcement has ignited debate in South Korea as many people are praising while opposition leaders are criticising the move.

South Korean Court Supports Transgender Soldier Who Killed Herself

A South Korean court on Thursday ruled in favour of its first transgender soldier, who killed herself after she was forcibly discharged for having...

Dawn Lee, Popular Korean YouTuber, Dies At 30

Popular Korean YouTuber Dawn Lee died of cancer on Sunday (May 30). She was 30. The news of Dawn Lee's death was shared by...

BTS Member Jin To Go For Military Service Soon; ARMY Worried

BTS's oldest member, Jin, is all set to start his military service.

Korean Woman Regrets putting infant up for sale

Jeju provincial police investigating the case says preliminary questioning shows that the baby’s mother is a single woman in her 20s facing emotional and financial difficulties following an unwanted pregnancy

Sulli Left Exactly A Year Ago. A Look At Her Journey

Today marks K-pop star-actress Sulli’s first death anniversary