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Malaysia Must Prepare for Potential Threat of ‘Disease X,’ Urges Virology Expert”: Report

A virology expert has issued a warning for Malaysia to be vigilant and prepare for the potential emergence of 'Disease X.' Emphasizing the need...

Only 5% Of People In Low-Income Countries Fully Vaccinated: WHO

Only 5 per cent of people in the low-income countries are fully vaccinated so far, according to the data shared by the WHO. Nigeria,...

‘Lockdown’ Is Not A Solution For Omicron: WHO

WHO said that the curfew is just one of the methods that could be considered but is not the only way out of the spread of the new variant of Covid-19—Omicron.

“Worst Than Delta”: New Variant Raises Concern Across World

The new variant of Covid-19, which has emerged in South Africa, is becoming a new headache for health experts. Britain has banned travelling from...

“Don’t Rely On Vaccines:” WHO Warns As Covid Cases Surge In Europe

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned governments not to rely on vaccines alone to deal with Covid-19 pandemic. The warning comes as infections...