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Antarctica Global Introduces “Pebble” – A Tool to Monitor Internet-Related Carbon Emissions: Report

Antarctica Global , a climate technology company introduced a web  browser ” Pebble”, a tracking tool that aimed at raising awareness about digital carbon emission. Their efforts to reduce polluting sectors like transportation and agriculture ,internet usage that contributes in carbon emissions. This innovative tool aimed to create a sense of responsibility among citizens.

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Antarctica Global, a pioneering climate technology company, has unveiled “Pebble,” a web browser extension and tracking tool aimed at raising awareness about digital carbon emissions. While conventional efforts target well-known polluting sectors like transportation and agriculture, internet usage also contributes significantly to carbon emissions. Pebble’s mission is to empower users to understand and reduce their digital carbon footprint.

Pebble assesses a user’s digital carbon footprint, which quantifies the carbon dioxide emissions produced by their internet activities. This calculation considers several factors:
User Devices: Smartphones, laptops, and tablets, which demand substantial energy during manufacturing and use, thereby contributing to carbon emissions.

Network Infrastructure: Routers, switches, and content delivery networks (CDNs) play a crucial role in data transfer, consuming energy and affecting the environment.

Data Centers: These facilities house servers and computing equipment, consuming substantial electricity and generating carbon emissions.
Pebble’s digital carbon emissions tracker utilizes location-based carbon intensity factors to provide users with precise information about their digital carbon footprint based on their geographic location. The tool offers a user-friendly dashboard, delivering a detailed report on digital carbon emissions, along with insights into website-specific emissions. Additionally, Pebble translates digital emissions into tangible equivalencies, allowing users to comprehend the environmental impact in relatable terms, such as the number of trees needed to offset emissions, plastic bottles consumed, or fuel used.
This innovative tool aims to foster a sense of responsibility among internet users by encouraging them to make informed choices about their online activities, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable digital world.