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Apple Delays Rollout Of Its New Child Safety Features

Tech giant Apple postponed the rollout of its new child safety feature. This comes after the company received negative feedback and widespread criticism. 

The new child safety feature includes scanning user’s iCloud photo libraries to find child sexual abuse material, creating a window for governments and other groups to exploit. 

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Apple announced this feature last month. However, it received widespread criticism from privacy experts, customer advocacy groups, researchers, and others. They claim that the scanning tool could expose user’s personal information. 

The tech giant on Friday said that based on the feedback they have decided to take some time to make improvements before releasing this important child safety feature. 

According to Apple, the new feature will run on Apple mobile devices to scan abusive photos and then flag them when they are uploaded to Apple’s cloud service. 

However, the company claims that the feature does not break user’s privacy and that the company won’t be able to gain access to user’s communications because of the software.