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Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps May Stop For Old Android Users

Google is all set to stop several key applications like Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps and more for old to very smartphones. The search engine giant will end the services — now considered a key in daily operations of professional — for devices running on Android 2.3 or lower. WhatsApp has already ended these services. The 2.3 version of Android — launched with the name of Gingerbread —- was launched when every new android version was named after dessert. The 2.3 version was first introduced in December 2010. The Google Pay contactless payments were already abandoned for the said version in 2017.

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The above mentioned services will be ended on September 27. Those using these devices will not be able to sign in. The users will have to switch to higher versions of android to acces the services. The prominent service that will be stopped include YouTube, Google Play Store, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Calendar and more.

However, if you are not in a position to buy a new phone imediately, it’s not a thing to worry. Some of these services might still be available through the chrome browser.