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Google Android 12: Everything You Need To Know

Last week, Google launched its fifth beta build of Android 12 for Pixel phones. It features the latest fixes and optimizations that were not included with Beta 4.1. It will also provide more power to the game developers with its new feature called ‘play as you download,’ it will allow the users to play games even before they are fully downloaded. The download is only available for a few devices including Google Pixel phones.

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Here’s what you need to know about the Android 12 public beta:

1. How To Download?

Once the Android update is available for all, users can download it in a few easy steps i.e, System>Advanced>System update>Check for update. Meanwhile, the update availability depends on the user’s device.

2. Is my phone compatible with Android 12

The list of phones that will be compatible with Android 12 are Google Pixel 3, newer devices from Samsung, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Motorola, OnePlus, Oppo and many other manufacturers. 

3. List of new Features Android 12 includes:

– The new privacy feature will allow users more transparency and control over the apps. The new update will require user permission to gather data and track the user across apps or websites.

– According to Google, in Android 12, users can enrich the app notification experience by providing animated images in notifications. The app will now allow users to send image messages when they reply to messages from the notification bar. 

A customised color theme for Pixel phones has been added. It will customise the lock screen, widgets and notifications with custom complimentary colors depending on the wallpaper the user chooses. 

The new update makes the devices easier to operate with one hand. It also unveils a new feature called ‘silky home’ that makes it suitable for single-handed use.

All android phone have a hidden recycle bin, which Android 12 users can now manage. This means now the users can decide to take up or clear the trash as needed.