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Honda Studying Human Brains To Develop Smarter Driver-assist Systems 

Honda Motor has begun studying the human brain to develop a technology that could make driving safer. This new safety feature will reduce road fatalities to zero by 2050. They are using behavioral neuroscience to develop driver assistance systems. The Japanese automaker intends to develop a system that allows people with zero confidence in their skills to enjoy driving.

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To studying the project, Honda researchers visited the National Institute of Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology in Chiba, near Tokyo. Where they very closely monitored the MRI images depict the brain activity of a person driving. They drew comparisons between a safe driver and a rash driver.

According to researchers, creating this new safety feature will include a system that can detect dangerous behaviour in drivers and vehicles near them, and then alert nearby drivers. 

The system will be based on driving history and habits. The company, with the help of this technology, intends to reduce fatal accident rate involving its car by 2050. Honda president said “Honda will lead the way toward a future without fatal traffic accidents.”

Along with this safety technology, Honda is also working on a system that can improve driving skills. This will help drivers learn driving skills and also warn them about the risk to consider in certain situations.