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“Please Resign”: Thai Opposition Leader Asks PM Prayuth Chan-Ocha As Protesters Back To Streets

Bangkok: Thailand’s opposition leader asked Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha to quit his seat during the special parliament session called by the former junta leader to discuss the ongoing student-led protest against the ruling government . 

Sompong Amornviva, leader of the country’s largest opposition party, said that PM Praythu is a major obstacle and burden to the country.  

“Please resign and everything will end well,” he urged in the parliament as anti-government protesters back to the streets.

The huge student-led protesters are demanding- resignation of PM Prayuth, changing the constitution and ending the monarch system of the country.

PM Prayut, who seized the power from elected Yingluck Shinawatra in 2014, showed his confidence in the parliament that issues will be resolved through the dialogue. But protesters and opposition leaders have warned that the situation could be turned worse if the PM doesn’t resign from his post. 

Shockingly, the Palace has not made any statement even after months-long huge nationwide protests against the government.