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Where Is Jack Ma? Chinese Billionaire Suspected Missing

Kuala Lumpur: Chinese billionaire and founder of Alibaba group Jack Ma has been missing over the past two months. Jack Ma, who recently came into light for criticising the Chinese regulatory and banking system, has not appeared on several occasions, including his own ‘Africa’s Business Heroes’ final show.

According to the Financial Times, Jack Ma’s public appearance has been missing since he was advised not to leave the country. He was not even available at his own and final episode of Africa’s Business Heroes show, where he was supposed to be a judge.  

However, Alibaba’s spokesperson said to BBC that he had to miss the final due to scheduling conflict. 

Jack Ma, who came under attack from Chinese authorities last year in October at a public event in Bangkok, had criticised the way the Chinese banking system works. He had said that the Chinese system needs changes for the next generation. 

During his speech at the event, he had said that new and young people must get a chance and we must reform the current system.

However, the disappearance of the rich people in China is not a new phenomenon. According to Forbes, many Chinese billionaires went missing between 2016 and 2017.