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Afghan Footballer Zaki Anwari Dies After Falling From US Military Plane

A young national footballer died after falling off from a US military plane that took off from Kabul. Zaki Anwari had climbed onto the C-17 US plane in bid to escape the country after Taliban takeover. The footballer, 19, tried to hold on the American Military Aircraft. According to Daily Mail, Zaki Anwari’s remains were found in the wheels of the aircraft after it landed in Qatar. He was the representative of the Afghanistan National Youth Football Team.

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Previously, Anwari posted a picture of him on facebook and captioned “Football is my love”. His coach Mobin Muhammad said that Anwar was a very good human and a brilliant player. The videos posted by local news agency showed that atleast three Afghans fell to death from the sky. Terrifying pictures of planes packed with people trying to flee Afghanistan are also going viral on social media.

The US military was the only possible and convenient route after the Islamist control over the country’s land. A number of pictures and videos showed thousands of Afghan’s rushed to Kabul airport Taliban’s takeover. On Monday, atleast five people were confirmed killed in chaos at the Kabul airport.