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Afghan Woman Gives Birth To ‘Baby Girl’ On US Plane

An Afghan woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl on a US military aircraft after being successfully evacuated from Afghanistan. It is reported that the woman felt complications while on the flight on Saturday. However, the aircraft commander’s decision to decline in altitude to increase air pressure in the aircraft saved the mother’s life. 

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She gave birth to the baby in an Air force C-17 which was carrying evacuees flowing out of Afghanistan to Ramstein Air Base in Germany. As soon as the flight landed, the US medical personnel got on the plane and delivered the baby to the aircraft cargo bay.

After the delivery, the woman and her baby were transferred to a nearby hospital. As of now, both the mother and daughter is healthy. The Air Force stated that they both mother and her baby in a “good condition.”

Thousands of people are still waiting at Kabul airport to leave their country since the Taliban snatched power from the existing government led by Ashraf Ghani.

Despite the Taliban’s promises to respect women’s rights and their safety, many fear that their lives will be in danger under radical Islamic rule.