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Indonesian Man ‘Marries’ Rice Cooker, Divorces Within 4 Days

People are scratching their heads and probably they are not sure how to react to such bizarre news when a man marries a rice cooker.

An Indonesian man has created a buzz on social media by marrying his ‘beloved’ rice cooker. Photos of the same have recently gone viral, in which the groom Khoirul Anam shared a series of pictures of him dressed in white wedding attire with a rice cooker wearing a bridal veil. “White (fair), doesn’t talk much and is great at cooking,” he captioned the images.

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Khoirul Anam posted pictures of the ceremony on his social media account. In one picture he is seen signing a marriage certificate. In another photo, he is seen kissing his rice cooker after the wedding completed.

The photos have gone viral in no time, with more than 44,000 likes and over 13,5000 retweets. It was later revealed that the whole thing was a stunt to create content. 

Khoirul is a known figure in Indonesia. He is famous for engaging in such activities to create bizarre content like this. Four days after the wedding, he announced his divorce on Facebook. “No perfect partner,” he captioned his divorce announcement. Khoirul also stated the reason behind divorcing the rice cooker. He said it “only cooked rice.”