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K-pop Fans Demand Malaysian Portal To Apologise To TWICE

Kuala Lumpur: K-Pop fans have slammed a Malaysian-based portal for writing an article against TWICE. BTS fans started trolling the portal named Astro Gampak soon after the article was published. The article said that TWICE did not deserve the Best Artist Of The Year at the 2020 Asian Artist Awards.

The published article claimed that netizens expressed dissatisfaction with the decision and questioned the success and achievements of TWICE this year.

The article said that some of the fans also compared the success of two popular K-Pop groups, BTS and BLACKPINK who felt more deserving of the main award.

Soon after the article came out, BTS fans took to Twitter and started a campaign with #AstroGempakApologiseToTWICE, urging the writer to research before writing the article.