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Lionel Messi Bids Teary-Eyed Adieu To Barcelona

Lionel Messi’s journey with Barcelona ended on Sunday after he officially announced the same in a press conference – – – – – with tears in his eyes.

Argentina’s star footballer Messi, who began his career with Barcelona at the age of 17, will join PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) as he agreed to sign for at least two years.

Lionel Messi’s family members and his close friends were present during the entire press conference.

Struggling to hold his emotion during the press conference, Barcelona legend said that he never imagined this kind of sudden turn of the event.

Lionel Messi’s exit comes after winning six times a Ballon d’Or, 672 goals in 778 appearances, 10 league titles while playing with FC Barcelona.

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A Look At Lionel Messi’s Journey With Barcelona

Messi broke down after he walked up to the stage and said that he and his family never wanted to leave Barcelona, but they can’t afford to keep him due to club’s financial condition.

Remembering his glory time with Barcelona, Lionel Messi said that it was dream come true when he joined this club and gave everything to this club.

“I will always be remembered the movement with this club since I started,” the 34-year-old footballer said.

Recently, Barcelona had said in a statement that deal with Messi can’t be reached due to club’s bad financial condition.

Messi said that he did everything to stay with Barcelona and he reduced his 50 percent salary, but now the time is to move on.

At the age of 13, Messi’s family arrived in Spain to join the Barcelona academy. In 2004, his dream came true when he got a chance to play for Barcelona at the age of 17.