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Shame! This YouTuber Turned Friend’s Burial Into His Insta Story

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian influencer Hafiz Mahamad is being slammed by citizens for turning his friend’s burial into his Instagram story. The three-minute video, focusing mainly on Hafiz, features him getting out of the airport in fashionable clothes with wearing goggles and then carrying over a covered dead body, followed by him driving his friend’s funeral van and at the end lowering the body into the grave.

He stated that he couldn’t hold back his tears at the airport, it kept following as he loves and misses his late friend.

He said that his friend, Loh died yesterday after having a stroke a few months back. One of the family members informed him of the mishap over the phone, after which he took a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kelantan for his funeral.

However, viewers described him as a narcissist and insensitive for making an IG story over his friend’s dead body.

One Twitter user said that he is only capable of making somebody’s death totally about himself. Adding that it is totally insensitive, disrespectful and out of place. Others asked if recording close people’s death is even allowed. However, Hafiz has yet to answer.

The 27-year-old, who also owns cosmetic brand Ainaa Beauty, said for the first time he was leading a funeral prayer, and he is grieving over Loh’s death as he was his very close friend.