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Nine Members Of A Family Die After Having Noodles In China

In shocking news, at least nine members of a family living in north-eastern Chinese province Heilongjiang died after eating homemade noodles. The homemade soup noodles that the family consumed were kept in a freezer for a year and gone stale before they consumed it.

The noodles were eaten by nine adults of the family while the three children of the family didn’t consume the feast as they didn’t like flavour. The noodle dish is called Suantangzi, a popular local speciality containing fermented cornmeal.

As per the local authorities the noodles, made from fermented corn flour, poisoned the family with Bongkrekic acid a respiratory toxin produced by the bacterium pseudomonas cocovenenans, was found in the dish.

The Chinese Health Commission issued a national warning requesting citizens to avoid making or eating food from fermented flour.

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