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Olympian Diver Nur Dhabitah’s Old Training Pic Stuns Malaysia

Malaysian athlete Nur Dhabitah, who earned 4th place in the women’s 3-metre springboard diving at the Tokyo Olympics 2020, is winning praise on social media. The 22-year-old Malaysian athlete scored 326.15 points with five dives at the Olympic Aquatics Centre on Sunday. She was the only Malaysian to qualify for the final stage in the Olympics.

Nur Dhabitah, who is better known as beta, won the hearts of many after one of her old pictures went viral wherein she is stretching her body during the practice session.

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In this picture, which was posted in August 2016, she is undergoing intense stretching exercise between two chairs and his colleague is seen sitting on her back, forcing her body to the floor.

Soon after the picture went on viral, social media was flooded with inspiring messages, praising that her journey was a tough and demanding one.

One of the posts read, “This is how #malaysiadivingteam trains. Like I told you before, it is not easy to train & be a world-class athlete. That’s why I really appreciate all of your support and
encouragement. Please don’t stop and please don’t start hating me. I am trying my best to be great”.

Her rigorous training has won Malaysians support for her diving career.