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Japan Gold Medalist Shares Late Mother’s Photo On Podium After His Iconic Win

Ryo Kiyuna won Japan’s first gold medal in Karate at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Ryo, in a special gesture, stood on the podium with a photograph of his late mother by his side.

He said after his mother’s demise two years ago, he made a promise to himself that he will win a medal for her. The 31-year-old shared that his mother dreamed of watching him win a gold medal for the country.

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He revealed that he carried her photo with him to the Olympics because he wanted to climb to the highest part of the podium with her on his side.

The three-times world champion added that he was full of gratitude and that he couldn’t have overcome his difficulties on his own. Ryo Kiyuna, who is a native of Okinawa, claims to never take a day off from the practice.

Dedicating his historic win to his mother, he added that he has kept his promise and that she must be smiling from heaven, after watching this moment.