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Stranger Enters Woman’s House, Masturbates In Front Of Her In Penang

In a shocking incident, an unknown man entered a woman’s house in Penang and masturbated in front of her. The woman, Georgia Matthews, said that she was left traumatised after the incident. The woman has even furnished proof like CCTV footage of the incident. However, speaking to the online website World Of Buzz, the woman said that instead of getting help, she is being blamed for the incident from her landlord and neighbours.

The woman said that she let the man enter the house as she assumed that he was a friend of one of her housemates.

However, she was left shocked when the guy proceeded to take his penis out and started masturbating.

She claimed that she even yelled at the man and ran to the back of the house and locked herself inside the toilet. The man further attempted to chase her. Her screams alerted the other members who were present in the house. However, the man had already left when they came to the living room to look for the man.

No police complaints have been filed in the matter yet.