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A Newborn Baby Pulling Off Doctor’s Face Mask In Viral Image

An image of a newborn baby pulling off a mask from a doctor’s face has gone viral on social media. The picture shows the newborn with his hand clasped around his doctor’s mask, yanking it off his smiling face.

The image was posted to Instagram by Dr Samer Cheaib. While sharing the picture on his Instagram account, Dr Samer wrote: “We all want sign, are we going to take off the mask soon.”

Dr Samer Cheaib delivered the baby and his twin siblings a few days ago. It is believed that the baby’s father was clicking pictures and somehow he managed to capture this beautiful moment.

The picture has received more than 35,000 likes on Instagram. Many saw it as a sign of a better future, while others said it summed up the year 2020 for them. “The most beautiful pic I have seen. Hopefully, we will get rid of masks soon,” an Instagram user wrote.

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