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Video: Russian Authorities Rescue Cat From Garbage Plant, Give It A Job

Kuala Lumpur: A black and white feline cat has been named as honorary deputy environment minister after a close call on a trash plant conveyor belt in Ulyanovsk, Russia.

CCTV footage showed the employees removing the cat from a plastic bag, shortly after which the video went viral.

Employee Mikhail Tukash said he felt something soft inside the bag, after which he slightly cut the bag open, to find those innocent eyes looking at him.

He was honoured by the Ulyanovsk region’s Ministry of environment for rescuing the cat from the brink of death.

The department said the cat would have ended up in trash seperator if Tukash hadn’t grabbed him.

Meanwhile, the cat has got a new chance at life and in career, as the local television had made him a local celebrity.

He was adopted by the ministry and was bestowed with the title. Online new portal Reuters, shared his photos in which he was seen already lounging at the job.