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Wesak Day Malaysia 2021: The Beautiful Story Of Gautam Buddha

Malaysia today celebrates Wesak Day – the Birth Anniversary of Gautam Buddha. Almost 20 per cent of Malaysian population practices Buddhism – the religion of peace and harmony. The best thing about Buddhism in Malaysia is that it is practiced by the country’s all three dominant communities – Indegenious Malysians, Indian and Chinese in large numbers. Given the religion’s prominence in the country, it is declared as a public holiday here.

However, many people still don’t know the story of Gautam Buddha and what led him to found the religion, now practiced in almost every country of the world.

As Malaysia celebrates Wesak Day 2021, Here are some must-know facts about the Buddha and Buddhism:

Birth of Buddha and prophecy of Asita

Gautam Buddha was born in the ancient city of Kapilvastu (present-day Tilaurakot, Nepal) in 6th and 5th century BC. He was born to the region’s King, Suddhodana and his Queen, Maya. 

Gautam Buddha was named Siddharta at his birth, the name translates to – “He whose aim is completed”.

At the time of his birth, a visiting Hermit, Asita, held the baby Siddharta in his hands and said that he will become a global spiritual leader one day. However, if the King and Queen somehow succeed in keeping Siddharta confined to the boundaries of the palace, he may never take up spirituality and become an emperor.
Embarking on the path of spirituality (Wesak Day Malaysia 2021)

King Suddhodana, who was determined to make his son an emperor in future, made special arrangements. Suddhodana made sure that no sick, ugly or old servants ever work in the palace and came across Siddharata. At the age of 16, Suddhodana married Siddhartha to Yahsodhara, who is believed to be his lover from many many births before. Together they gave birth to a son, Rahul.  

The real change came in Siddharta’s life at the age of 29.

A musician once visited the palace and sang the tunes of world’s misery and grief. This made Siddharta curious. He convinced his father that it was important for an emporer to look at his state at least for once.

The king allowed Siddhartha to go out. However, he ordered his ministers to make sure that Siddhartha doesn’t see any old, ugly or sick person and doesn’t come across any form of misery.

The king’s attempt failed as Siddharta came across an old, a sick, and finally a dead person. This changed Siddharta’s idea of life and made him embark on the journey that later made him Gautam Buddha.