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CONGRATS! Woman Delivers Baby In Car, Cops Turn Midwives

Two cops took up the job of midwives as a woman went into her labour at a roadblock due to the MCO. The incident happened on the Kuching-Samarahan Expressway in Sarawak last night. The woman, 26, was headed to the hospital but needed emergency help at a roadblock.

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Her husband came out of the car and asked the cops to help. It was at this moment that two officers, of lance corporal and corporal rank, took things into their hands and acted as midwives. The “mission”, by the god’s grace, ended up successfully as the baby was born healthy.
The woman, 26, from Kampung Semera Ulu, Asajaya, is also in fine.

One of the cops who came up for help was Noor Fatihah Azelam, 27.
Another cop, Perakson Jennie, 40, helped in take care of the newborn.

Samarahan district police chief Sudirman Kram praised the cops for their work.

Both the mother and the baby were taken to the hospital later.