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HomeMalaysia News129 Hamsters Rescued, Will Be Rehomed Soon.

129 Hamsters Rescued, Will Be Rehomed Soon.

The Hamster Society Singapore (HSS) has recently shared on their Facebook, that the authorities have managed to save 129 hamsters by a hoarder who was treating the friendly rodents poorly.

The keeper of these feeble little creatures chose to surrender them as she admitted to not having the proper knowledge to care for hamsters and she couldn’t afford to care for them too.

The Organisation also unveiled that a lot of the rescued hamsters were sick and some had just given birth to malnourished offsprings. All of the hamsters were mostly affected by their poor living conditions and inadequate food provided.

The Hamster Society Singapore has now reached out to the public and pet lovers for donations as well as any form of help to rehome the hamsters as soon as possible.