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Afghan Diplomats Urge World To Not Recognise Taliban Govt

More than two dozen of Afghan diplomats have urged the world community not to recognize the Taliban government in Afghanistan. In a heartbreaking letter to world leaders, Afghan ambassadors said that their two decades of hardworking to establish peace and stability has vanished. The statement further said that allies are abandoning Afghanistan and leaving countrymen at the mercy of a ‘terrorist group’. Last month on August 15, the Taliban had seized power from Ashraf Ghani-led democratic government.

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Urging the world to deny the formal recognisation of the Taliban government in Afghanistan, a group of Afghan diplomats has asked world leaders to halt the atrocities against women, journalists and rights groups in the country.

According to reports, more than two dozen of diplomats from Afghanistan issued a joint letter and said that the Taliban’s illegal takeover of Afghanistan will only lead to encourage terrorists and violent extremist groups all around the world.

Expressing its extreme indignation, the letter further added that “they are (ambassadors) upset as embassies and diplomats are being left the country since the Taliban came to power.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Afghan diplomats, who are living in different countries, are denying going back to their country due to an inherent fear of the Taliban.

They said that there is no money and it is difficult to survive under the government of the Taliban. They also feared for their families, especially for women and children.