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Afghan MP, Who Fled To Germany, Is Now A Delivery Boy To Meet End Needs

Syed Ahmad Shah Sadaat, who once used to be communications minister in the Afghan government, is now working as a delivery man in Germany.

Syed takes pride in his work and says he has nothing to feel guilty about. The 49-year-old former MP, who has dual citizenship of Afghanistan and the United Kingdom, has left the Afghan government’s office in 2018 after serving for two years.

He revealed that he is often criticised by people at home for working as a delivery man after being a communications minister in Afghanistan.

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The proud delivery man in his orange uniform standing beside his bike said “A job is a job.” He revealed he left the Afghan government because of disagreement with the president circle members.

Syed now delivers food in the eastern city of Leipzig. He said he chose to stay in Germany with the hope that it will have a better economy in the future and lead in sectors like telecom and IT.

He revealed that it was difficult for him to find a job in Germany as does not know the German language. Now he takes 4 hours of German class before starting his 6-hour daily shift.

While he expressed his hope for other politicians to serve the public rather than hiding. His story impressed many, especially after the Taliban ceased control in Afghanistan.