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HomeWorldAfghanistan: CNN Journalists Attacked In Kabul By Taliban

Afghanistan: CNN Journalists Attacked In Kabul By Taliban

A woman journalist and her associate cameraperson from CNN were attacked in Kabul by the Taliban while talking to locals about the ground situations. This comes a day after a top Taliban leader made claims that they will respect women’s rights and press freedom.

A video, that shared by CNN, shows a Taliban fighter with his rifle approaches and threatens the woman journalist, Clarissa Ward, and her cameraperson while reporting in Kabul. One of the Taliban fighters asks the CNN journalist to cover her face, who was already in a hijab.

Clarissa Ward, who is the international correspondent of CNN, has been in Kabul since the Taliban took over the country and forced President Ashraf Ghani to leave Afghanistan.

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Her producer was attacked by the Taliban for filming the chaotic scenes around the Kabul airport.

In another incident, the Taliban fighters opened fire on the anti-Taliban protestors after their flags were replaced by locals. During the incident, they attacked local reporters.

Earlier, the Taliban, soon after recapturing Kabul, held a press conference, in which the insurgent spokesperson had said that the Taliban will not harm any women and will protect their rights. They also urged women to join their government.