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Afghanistan: Pregnant Woman Shot Dead By Taliban

An Afghan policewoman, who was 6-months pregnant, was shot dead by the Taliban in Ghor province. Banu Nigara was killed in front of her family, an Afghan journalist confirmed in a tweet. According to witnesses, the Taliban beat and shot the woman at her home on Saturday. An image of the incident on social media shows Banu’s body lying on the floor with her face disfigured. This comes after dozens of Afghan women protested in Herat demanding their rights.

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Banu Nigara was six months pregnant and was shot in front of her husband and children. The news was confirmed after an Afghan journalist tweeted about the same.

This comes days after dozens of Afghan women protested in Herat for their rights and demanding their position in the new government formation. According to reports, banners with slogans against the exclusion of women were carried in the protest.

According to the journalist, Banu was so afraid that the Taliban would kill her that she started buying head and body covers. She was scared that if they found her without burqas or hijabs, they would punish her like they were punished in 1990s.

Taliban regained control of the war-torn country after 20 years. Earlier they pledged to protect women’s rights and encouraged them to participate in government. According to Dr Sajjan Gohel, a security and terrorism analyst, women are scared after the Taliban ceased control of the country.