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Afghanistan: Taliban Ban Hairstyles, Shaving Beards

Taliban has started re-imposing repressive laws and policies on the people of Afghanistan. According to reports, they have issued a letter imposing a ban on shaving beards and hairstyling in the salons in Helmand province of Afghanistan. Not only this, but they have also banned music or hymns in hairdressing salons.

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It is believed that the officials from the Ministry of Islamic Orientation had a meeting with men’s salon representatives in the provincial capital, Lashkar Gah, and warned against hairstyling and shaving beards.

Since the Taliban recaptured power in the country, they have introduced many radical rules reminding people of their past tenure. They believe that hair styling, shaving, or trimming beards is against Islamic law.

The order, which was distributed on social networks, includes the Taliban’s request of not playing music or hymns on hairdressing salon premises. Despite several promises, they are imposing oppressive rules and policies.

Earlier, they put four dead bodies of alleged kidnappers on public display in the western city of Herat. They called the act a “lesson” for kidnappers.