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Afghan Pop Star Aryana Sayeed Flees Afghanistan After Taliban Takeover

Afghan celebrity Aryana Sayeed is among the lucky ones who successfully fled her country Afghanistan along with her husband amid the fear of Taliban rule. The pop star said that she is alive and currently living in Doha, Qatar. Despite the Taliban’s promises to protect women’s rights and human safety under their ‘new rule’, thousands of women, men, and children have already fled their homes and thousands of others are still waiting at the Kabul airport to leave their country.

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Singer and songwriter Aryana Sayeed wrote a heartbreaking not on her social media post after escaping from the Taliban.

“I am well and alive and after a couple of unforgettable nights, I have reached Doha, Qatar and am awaiting my eventual flight back home to Istanbul,” the 36-year-old wrote on Instagram while sharing a picture with her husband on a flight.

She also expressed hope and prayed for the citizens of Afghanistan who have been left behind and those who are not able to come out from the war-torn nation.

Speaking with a news agency in India, the pop star, who has been vocal against the Taliban, blamed Pakistan for creating chaos in Afghanistan.

She also urged the world community to put pressure and cut the funds of Pakistan to stop sponsoring extremism in her country.

Aryana Sayeed is a famous Afghan singer who sings in Persian and Pashto. She was judged the Afghan version of The Voice and later became a judge of the show Afghan Star. She was awarded Afghan’s Icon and the best female artist of Afghanistan in 2017.

In a tragic turn of events, people can be seen desperate to flee their country after the Taliban took entire Afghanistan under their control.