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Barack Obama Reveals His Eldest Daughter Malia’s Boyfriend

Kuala Lumpur: Former US President Barack Obama shared the tale of quarantining with his family and also details of his eldest daughter Malia Obama’s dating life. He revealed she has a British boyfriend, whom he described as a “good kid.”

While, interviewing on the Bill Simmons Podcast, he shared that the initial days of quarantine and staying at home presented lots of opportunities for family bonding time. He confirmed that his daughter Malia is dating a British boy, who he didn’t like at first but at the end, however, discovered he is an appropriate match for her daughter.

He said that he was forced to stay with them in the initial days of quarantine due to some visa obstacles, and also he had a job set up. He even joked about the amount of food young men consume.

When asked about being with his daughters, he said it was a blessing as all the teenage stuff is kinda gone now and they are just back and they love you again and they want to spend time with you and they are funny.

He also revealed that his favourite activity in those weeks was to teach his daughters and Malia’s boyfriend to play cards.