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HomeWorldBarbie Opens Up About Racism And 'Black Lives Matter' In Viral Video

Barbie Opens Up About Racism And ‘Black Lives Matter’ In Viral Video

A video of Barbie talking about racism with her friend Nikki, an African American doll, has gone viral on social media and for all the right reasons. An animated clip of Barbie and her friend Nikki was recently posted on the Barbie YouTube page.

In the Vlog clip, Barbie and her friend regularly appear to discuss various things and reflect on various trends. It appears this time the two were talking about racism and how people are treated differently because of the colour of their skin.

The dolls start with discussing, that there is a huge movement going on and that it’s important to understand how black people face different issues. Nikki recited stories that shocked Barbie, including a time when she was stopped at a beach by security and asked several questions.

The short vlog is intended to help young kids understand how racism can cause people to treat others differently based on the colour of their skin.

Several people retweeted the video, which was posted on Twitter, praising Barbie for talking about a significant issue.

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