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Barbie Signature Launches Lunar New Year Doll

Barbie Signature has launched its limited-edition Lunar New Year Dolls. The dolls were designed in collaboration with the renowned Chinese fashion designer Guo Pei, who designed the dress and the accessories. This is their 2nd doll in the Lunar New Year series that began in 2021. The doll is wearing a red traditional Chinese dress that features Guo’s “signature embroidery detailing,”.

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The Mattel Creations exclusive Barbie retails for $75 ( RM314 ) and will be available in stores within the coming week. A limit of purchase is set to three units per person to control bulk buying.

The fashion icon featuring Guo Pei’s signature embroidery detailing, brings the dress to life with golden phoenixes symbolizing femininity and grace. Water and wave motifs, which are traditionally seen on the attire of Chinese royalty, symbolizes wealth, nourishment, and resilience. The look was completed with beautiful mandarin accessories.

Barbie Signature took it to their Instagram to launch the beauty. They captioned a series of snapshots of the doll with, “For many Asian communities around the world, Lunar New Year festivities bring an occasion to honor one’s heritage and wish for good fortune in the year to come. In celebration, Barbie partners with the esteemed @GuoPei, China’s first and only officially recognized couturier.”