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HomeWorldBelgium Appoints World's First Transgender Deputy Prime Minister

Belgium Appoints World’s First Transgender Deputy Prime Minister

Petra De Sutter became the first transgender woman to hold the highest governing body of any county. Petra De Sutter was sworn in as the first deputy prime minister of Belgium’s new government. De Sutter, who has represented the Flemish Green party in the European Parliament since last year, was appointed to the post on Thursday.

The announcement was made a day after Belgium announced that it would be reforming its government after the coalition fell apart in 2018.

De Sutter expressed her gratitude by tweeting that she is incredibly grateful for the confidence she has received from her party. She said she is proud that gender identity does not define a person in Belgium and is a non-issue.

As a doctor and gynaecology professor, she has been a champion of women’s rights, gender equality and sexual reproductive rights. She has always been open about her trans identity and has never sought to hide that fact in her political career.

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