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Serendipity! A Homeless Man Gets A Haircut, Reunited With Family

Sometimes, life changes, and changes… and changes forever! Well, this sort of serendipity happened with a man in Brazil where a homeless man was given a haircut as a help, and his photo went viral soon after.   João Coelho Guimarães was estranged to his family for the past 10 years and had been living in the streets, begging and picking trash for survival. The family, that hadn’t seen João Coelho Guimarães, had in fact thought that he is dead.

João’s life changed when a businessman named Alessandro Lobo, who owns a men’s fashion store and barber service, offered him money and food. However, Joao refused and asked if he can get a haircut.

The business spent an entire day on grooming Joao, after which, as some social media users termed him, “Joao looked like man with killer looks”. His before and after photos went viral online. The business also gifted him three shirts, a pair of trousers, a jacket and some new shoes.