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HomeWorldBurqa Isn't Necessary, Hijab Is: Taliban Tells Afghanistan Women

Burqa Isn’t Necessary, Hijab Is: Taliban Tells Afghanistan Women

On Tuesday, Taliban made it clear that would not make full burqa necessary for women as they did when they last governed Afghanistan. During Taliban’s 1996 – 2001 rule, women were asked to wear a full-covering burqa in public places, schools of girls were closed and they were put barred from working and travelling.

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The Burqa is a one-piece overoutfit that envelops the entire head and body, with a net panel to see through.

Alongside clothing, many right groups and countries have raised alarm for the destiny of women education, that is now in the hands of hardliner group who captured Kabul.

In their first press conference, after taking control over the capital, a senior Taliban leader said, “We are going to permit women to study and work in our frameworks and women are also going to be very active in our society.”