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10 PICS: Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Capitol Hill Breach

Washington: US President Donald Trump’s supporters attacked the US capitol – the main parliament building where the senate and the House Of Representatives is situated – on a day when the transition of power ceremony was supposed to be held in the country.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Washington DC Muriel Bowser declared a state of curfew and put the US Capitol under lockdown as 100 Trump supporters raged the capitol building and vandalised furniture and glass.

Supporters wanted to overturn the election result, just hours after Trump’s speech, stating that he would never accept the result.

They broke glass ceilings, furniture and even clashed with the police.

In several viral videos and pictures, the mob was seen breaching police barricades, forcing lawmakers and the US Vice President to empty the building.

The violent mob was fired at tear-gas and gunshots by the police. At least four people have died and over 50 have been arrested during the clash.

While, not only this the violent mob also fired several times during the clash and beat up number of media personnel and also broke their equipments.

World leaders have expressed their disapproval over the unprecedented event.

While social media giant’s like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have suspended his accounts.

Hours after the unprecedented violent attack, the US Congress formally certified Joe Biden’s election win.