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Extension of Israel-Hamas Ceasefire for one Day, Pursuit of Additional Hostages continues: Report

The temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas has been officially extended for a seventh day, according to the Israeli military. The Israel Defense Forces stated that the “operational pause will continue” while discussions for the release of additional hostages are ongoing. Hamas also confirmed the extension of the truce.

In a given statement, Israeli military said that the ceasefire will continue as mediators sought to release more hostages held in Gaza in exchange for Palestine prisoners.

On Thursday, Israel and Hamas agreed to extend their six-day ceasefire just minutes before it was set to expire and destroyed Palestinians, Gaza strip Conflict.

The extended truce has provided relief in the Gaza bombardment, initially set for four days but continuing due to mediator efforts. The pause aims to facilitate hostage release, with both Israeli and Hamas statements confirming its continuation.

Furthurmore, the military group said that Israel had refused to take seven woven, children and the bodies of three other hostages in the shake of extending this conflict.

Before the ceasefire, Israel bombarded in the territory for seven weeks and cause the death of  more than 15000 Palestine’s peoplein the coastal trip.