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Charlie Hebdo Publishes Turkish President Erdogan’s Cartoon Amid Tension With France’s Emmanual Macron

Kuala Lumpur: France’s satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has published a new caricature of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan amid a huge tension between France and Muslim countries. 

Charlie Hebdo’s new cartoon comes days after Erdogan criticised France President Emmanual Macron’s remark on Islam and urged Muslim world to boycott Frances goods.

In its new cartoon, Charlie Hebdo is mocking Erdogan, who is sitting on chair in T-shirt and underwear, drinking alchohal, which is forbidden in Islam, and lifting up a woman’s hijab from her backside. 

Magazine also wrote, “Erdogan: In private, he is very funny!”

Reacting to the controversial caricature, Erdogan’s spokesperson condemned Charlie Hebdo’s act, describing it as “cultural racism and hatred.”

Earlier, Macron has categorically ensured that France would not “give up” Prophet Muhammad’s caricature and will continue its effort in fighting agaisnt religious fanatics.

Meanwhile, European countries have expressed their support for Macron amid the ongoing ‘boycott France products’ campaign in the Islamic world.