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China Approves 3-Child Policy To Control Birth Rate

China has allowed couples to have three children under its revised population and family planning policy. The new policy was approved by the Standing Committee of National People’s Congress.

This comes after the Communist Party’s Politburo showed a report stating a drastic fall in the birth rate, after which, the country’s national legislature argued that allowing three children would improve the country’s population structure.

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Earlier in 2015, China introduced a two-child policy before the single child policy was made mandatory in the country. However, according to recent data, the country is witnessing a downfall in the population at a much faster rate.

The government is worried that the population rate falling at this speed will result in a shortage of labour and would also negatively impact the economy.

However, with this new rule, the Communist Party of China has also approved more social and economic support from the government to raise the children and will also reduce the cost of education in order to encourage couples to have up to three children.