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China Allows Couples To Have Upto 3 Children In Major Policy Shift

China Child Policy: China today allowed its couple to have upto three children, a major change in its policy that controls personal choices of its citizens. The change comes almost 5 years after the country had relaxed the limit to 2 children, before which, the citizens were restricted to have only a single child in the country for almost 30 years. Today’s decision was taken in a meeting chaired by President Xi Jinping.

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China Child Policy: In a major policy change, the government of China today allowed its citizen to have upto three children. Earlier, in 2016, the couples were allowed to have upto two children, a change that had come after almost 30 years of country’s highly notorious 1-child policy. China’s strict one-child policy, that turned out to be a deterrent in controlling the county’s population boom, was imposed in the year 1979. Recently, there were reports that China’s population may have gone down significantly, and its regional rival India may have surpassed it in terms of population. 
A few reports also claimed that due to 1-child policy, the China’s Army is finding it difficult to find soldiers, and the country may relax the policy in view of a potential crisis.