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Rain Wreaks Havoc In China’s Henan, 30 Dead, Devastating Visuals Emerge

Devastating visuals are being shared on social media ever since the heavy rains hit Central China’s Henan province. The rains have so far killed more than 30 people and forced tens of thousands of people to leave their homes. The record-breaking rainfall has forced all the transport —- including airlines and railways —- to shut until the further orders. The local media reports that as of now, a total of 376,000 people have been evacuated and 256,000 people have been safely transferred. Zhengzhou, which is the worst affected city in Central China, has seen a record of over 453 millimetres of rainfalls.

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The widespread floods across the central China have destroyed the millions dollar economy of the province.

The havoc of the floods can be assumed by seeing the several videos and photos that has widely been circulating on social media.

A video, which is believed to be from Zhengzhou’s city, shows that dozens of cars submerged and floating in like paper boats in the streets.

Germany is also witnessing similar events over the past few days.

Global Times, Chinese government mouthpiece, reported on Thursday that the death toll caused by the unprecedented heavy rainfall in Henan has risen to 33, with 8 people still missing.