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China Floods: Tens Of Thousands Evacuated, 12 Killed

China’s central province Henan has been witnessing heavy rains over the past few days, that has killed more than 12 people and forced tens of thousands to leave their homes. According to media reports, rescue operations have been launched as several cities of Central China have been submerged. Chinese media said that Henan witnessed the heaviest rainfall in 60 years.

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According to the Chinese government mouthpiece The Global Times, more than 150 children and their teachers from a local kindergarten were rescued by firefighters on July 20 in Zhengzhou, Central China’s Henan Province.

The reports say that the daily rainfall at 10 national meteorological observatories in Central China Henan broke a meteorological record. Precipitation in central and northern Henan was between 250-350 mm and in Zhengzhou between 500-657 mm, Central Meteorological Observatory said.

The Global Times reports that transportation of multiple north-south, east-west bound high-speed railways, normal-speed railways were affected due to flooding. While the road base deformation and equipment damage in Zhengzhou as the city was hit by an unprecedented heavy rainstorm on Tuesday.