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No, Jack Ma Is Not “Missing”: Report

Kuala Lumpur: CNBC journalist has claimed that Chinese billionaire and Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma is not missing and most likely he is in Hangzhou, the capital of China’s Zhejiang province.

Dismissing Jack Ma’s missing reports, David Faber said it’s true that it’s been a while since people have seen him but it doesn’t mean that he has been missing.

The journalist said in his report that Jack Ma has neither been captured nor has he been taken away anywhere by Chinese authorities. According to his sources, he is in Hangzhou, where Alibaba is headquartered.

Earlier, several media reported that the Chinese business tycoon has been missing since he criticised the Chinese banking sector at an event in Shanghai last year in October 2020.

The speculation about the missing of Ma was raised when he did not appear as a judge in the final episode in its own ‘Africa’s Business Heroes’ tv show.

According to reports, Alibaba’s founder came under attack from Chinese authorities after criticising the country’s administration system. Since then he was told not to leave the country.