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HomeWorldFilipino Flight Attendant’s Autopsy Report Says She Wasn’t Raped

Filipino Flight Attendant’s Autopsy Report Says She Wasn’t Raped

Manila: Philippine authorities have said that Christine Dacera, a Filipino flight attendant who died in a mysterious condition in a hotel room during the New Year party on 31st December, was not raped by her friends. The report claims that she had died because of natural causes.

According to The Sun, the 23-year-old Dacera died due to “ruptured aortic aneurysm”, dismissing the reports in which police said that she was reportedly gang-raped and murdered by her friends.

However, her mother has slammed the autopsy report of her daughter and stressed that she was the victim of gang rape. “If you are a mother, you will surely feel her pain. She cannot speak because she is no more”, the victim’s mother told a news TV programme.

Dacera’s lawyer also claimed that her friends first drugged and sexually abused before her death.

Her mother, who had urged the Philippines president to take necessary action against the culprit, said that someone had mixed something in her daughter’s drink.

Earlier, police had arrested 11 people in this case but later released from custody.

Christine Dacera was found dead in her hotel’s empty bathtub with scratches and bruises on her body.