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Climate Activist Disrupts Fashion Show In Paris

The Louis Vuitton fashion week was disrupted after a climate change activist in Paris marched down with models carrying a banner about overconsumption on the environment. It happened when Louis Vuitton models made their final walk across the brand’s runway at the Louvre Museum. The protester, who was carrying a banner reading: “Overconsumption = Extinction,” was highlighting the side effects of the fashion industry.

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The climate activist, whose name was not revealed, managed to make it up and back down the runway, in a protest against the global fashion industry’s impact on the environment.

According to news agency Reuters, the activist belonged to a youth climate based in France.

The banner included the logos of three climate activist groups—-Les Amis de la Terre, Youth For Climate France and Extinction Rebellion France. 

During the incident, the female activist was forcefully removed from the show by the security guards.

Later, Friends of the Earth and Youth for Climate made an official statement confirming the incident. Activists have demanded the government to take action against “fast fashion.” 

Paris Fashion week has witnessed its fair share of disruptions in the past.  A few years ago, Chanel’s spring 2020 was interrupted by French comedian and performer Marie Benoliel. But Gigi Hadid managed to save the day and even escorted the imposter off stage.