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Degree, Phd Useless Things: Taliban’s Education Minister

A video of the Taliban’s new Education Minister widely shared on social media, in which he questioned the relevance of higher education. Afghanistan’s new Education Minister led by the Taliban, Sheikh Molvi Noorullah Munir, said that there is no worth of degree, Phd, or even school degree in today’s generation. The minister is heard saying in the video that the Taliban leaders are not educated but they are still “greatest of all”. 

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Sheikh Molvi Noorullah’s bizarre statement comes hours after the Taliban announced its new cabinet on Tuesday. 

The statement is being considered by social media users that nothing has changed with the behavior of the Taliban. Many users say that why Taliban has an education minister if they do not support education. 

Recently, a picture of the classroom went viral on social media wherein girls and boys can be seen separated with the help of curtains.

Taliban government has also ordered all the females of universities to wear an abaya robe and niqab covering most of the face. Taliban said only female teachers will teach girls and if it is possible aged man with ‘good character’ will teach them. 

In the previous Taliban rule (between 1996 to 2001), girls were not allowed to go to schools, universities, and work.