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HomeWorldDonald Trump's Refusal To Accept Defeat Is Embarrassing: Joe Biden

Donald Trump’s Refusal To Accept Defeat Is Embarrassing: Joe Biden

US President Donald Trump’s unwillingness to accept the defeat in the recent US Presidential elections has stirred the world media and attracted mockery. The president-elect Joe Biden said that President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede victory in last week’s White House election is “an embarrassment”.

Biden said, “Well, I just think it is an embarrassment, quite frankly, the only thing that, I think it will not help the President’s legacy…I think at the end of the day it will all come to fruition on January 20, and between now and then a hopeful expectation is that the American people do understand that there has been a transition,”

The Trump campaign and his Republican Party have filed multiple lawsuits in several states including Pennsylvania, which has 20 electoral college votes, Georgia that has 16, Michigan which also has 16, Nevada with six, demanding to recount votes in Wisconsin which has 10 electoral college votes. The lawsuits range from local courts up to the United States Supreme Court.