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Sriwijaya Air Crashed: Five Members Of A Family, Including 7-Month-Old Baby, Feared Dead

Kuala Lumpur: The Rescue operation is still going on and divers have been putting their efforts to pull victims and debris out of the sea after Indonesia’s Sriwijaya Air crashed with more than 60 people on Saturday. The incident took place after the plane lost control minutes after taking off from the capital Jakarta.

SJ 182 carried 62 people, comprising 56 passengers, 2 flight crew members and four attendants.

The mishap has brought many horrifying stories.

During the incident, five members of a family, who belonged to Bangka island, were missing and feared dead.

According to CNN, a 26-year-old Rizki Wahyudi, his 26-year-old wife, Indah Halimah Putri, their 7-month-old son, and Wahyudi’s mother were on the flight.

Wahyudi’s family had come to Bangka Island to visit their relatives and returned to West Kalimantan via Jakarta by Sriwijaya air.

During the incident, his cousin was also on flight, the family revealed.

According to Indonesian local media, more than 2,500 rescuers, 13 planes and 56 ships have been deployed in search operations. However, it has been three days but no survivors have been found as of now.